The Gathering

They gathered on the grassy knoll,
To sing a song or two;
The box was covered with flowers,
The voices, just a few.

The black Book was opened slowly,
A word or so was read;
Heads were bowed in contemplation,
As a final prayer was said.

A handshake gently followed then,
And several folk were hugged;
Shovels moved the dirt to bury,
You see the fresh earthed rugged.

Soon the people began to disperse,
Leaving the lonely stone;
Tears followed the path away,
As the wife leaves alone.

Gathered around the newly arrived,
White robes and smiling faces;
Heaven flows with peaceful air,
All saved by Gods sweet graces.

A distant harp of David is heard,
An angel floats above;
A Throne of jasper and emerald,
Holds the centerpiece of Love.

Gathered around the darkened cast,
A cry of anguish is exhaled;
The torment of hell all alone,
For the soul eternally jailed.

Vivid now in memory, the cross,
Gods love offered full and free;
Pride of the damned and lost,
Condemned by that same tree.

Three crosses gathered on a hill,
“It is finished!” Said the voice;
One turned to Jesus, one turned away,
Ever that same old choice.

Br. Larry Sparks 5-21-17

Pastor Larry Sparks

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