Blackburn Chapel VBS

The set is done and ready for VBS at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church Bethel acres Shawnee. Thank you to Vickie Sparks, Mona Arneson, Sandra Farris, and Greg Ray for all your wonderful help. Come On Kiddos —we’re Ready to Welcome You To Rome!

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The Worn Out Bible

Pastor Larry SparksThe caption read, “A worn out and coming apart Bible usually belongs to someone who is not!”

So, as I picked my New Testament, it literally decimated in my hands from wear and usage.

The N. T. was a gift from Sgt. Eddie Broughton, while I was Pastor at First Southern Baptist Church of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It is a burgundy colored New King James N.T. with Psalms and Proverbs.

Why is it worn out? It has been used in over 1600 funeral services, hospital rooms, counseling sessions and a spiritual tool to lead over 200 to faith in Jesus Christ.

Yes, I am breaking in a new one and likewise two new Bibles as 7 are are worn and 5 are given to my daughters as keepsakes.

This is my most treasured gift, more than money, materials and possessions… the word of God.

“This was because Ezra had determined to study the Law of the Lord (Bible for me), and to teach its truths and instructions to the people of Israel (my given congregation).” Ezra 7:10

As children in Sunday School, we used to sing, “Holy Bible, Book divine, precious treasure, thou art mine.”… still is our treasure!

-Br. Larry

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Vacation Bible School Starts Sunday Night at Blackburn

Pastor Larry SparksMemories of red Kool-aid, chocolate chip cookies, fun games and songs you’ll sing the rest of your life.

The clear message of the gospel of Jesus Christ will be shared with young hearts and open minds. An army of youth and adults will teach, be tribe leaders, shopkeepers and lead out in a plethora of other activities.

A meal each night will feed whoever comes, child or adult. Life changing, truth learning, relationship building and soul saving decisions will be made.

We will have a kickoff this Friday evening to finish the decor and pool all of our insight together.

Sunday the church will look like Rome, the underground church and the various characters that teach the narrative of Paul’s writings.

VBS is a big event in our church and it takes a lot of workers to make it happen. I am a grateful pastor for these servants of faith. Bring your children and come help.

-Br. Larry

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Lets Talk About HEAVEN…

Pastor Larry SparksSo many deaths and dying but for the true believer, as the song goes, “There’s a better home awaiting, in the sky, Lord in the sky!”

1. A BOOK in Heaven contains the names of those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. In Luke 10:20 Jesus rejoice that your names were written Heaven. Is your name there?

2. A BANK in Heaven that contains the treasures, rewards, as Matt. 6:20 says “Lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven….” We are excited about the place we will eternally live and the eternal glory.

3. A BUILDING in Heaven made by God’s hands and the master carpenter Jesus Christ. John 14:1-2 talks about a mansion, room, dwelling place in this supernatural high rise building we’ll call home forever.

4. A BODY in Heaven as Paul wrote about, new body and the Lord’s body and the celestial becomes flawless (1 Cor. 15:38-40) as aches, aging and death are forever gone.

5. A BANQUET in Heaven for celebration. Rev. 19:9 talks about this wedding feast and we will be served. Never gain a pound, perfect taste buds, family of God there and laughter, lots of laughter.

6. A BAND in Heaven, singing a new song (I am certain the old ones also) Rev. 5 speaks of instruments and voices and singing. Yes, we preachers will be out of a job! You may sound like dying calf in a snowstorm here but in heaven, you will sing beautifully.

7. A BRIGHTNESS in Heaven because it will never get dark and the Lamb is the Light. Rev. 22:5 says a place of light where no candles are ever needed. Jesus paid the eternal light bill on the cross.

*So, surely you can get homesick thinking of who is there and what its like? Lets point folk to Jesus so they can enjoy this also. Hey Mom! Are you enjoying that sweet atmosphere of Glory? See ya later or sooner?

Br. Larry Sparks… looking toward the eternal HOME

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The Imploding and Exploding and Eroding World

Pastor Larry SparksThere was a terrorist attack in London again, and the Philippines and who knows where next it will occur.

Earthquakes and floods and tornadoes and other disasters await this spinning orb. A little closer to our sun and we are toast. A little further away and we are the frozen chosen. A giant rock is out there speeding closer to our planet.

The scientist say, not if but when will we take a hit because it has happened before.

Morality is at an all time low. Missionaries coming home and filth on television our grandparents would have puked over. Every day some predator is arrested for seeking a sexual relation with a child.

Drugs legal and illegal epidemic with no offered solution. Prisons are full.

We can’t pay our teachers but ten casinos are within 25 minutes of Shawnee.

Churches are shrinking. Except the feel good social type. God is unfolding the scroll as prophetic time lapses into eternity.

Israel and Russia? North Korea and China?

God is in control. The devil is nearing his end. Trumpets will soon sound and the eastern sky will reveal a Lamb who is King.

-Br. Larry

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