What is Important to the Lord Jesus?

Pastor Larry Sparks

What is Important to the Lord Jesus?

His church is not about numbers but the changed lives that flow from the gospel having effect on people.

It is not about cute cliches or crafted words that scratch our mental sponges but about the expositional truth of scripture being preached and taught.

It is not a slick presentation but a convicting and convincing Spirit soaked and passionate delivering of the truth.

Systematic theology has all but been discarded in a diluted message today. People talk about needs but seldom pray.

What Jesus birthed in the church was a body that resembles HIM and not like the world with its gaudy glamor or stoic philosophy.

Jesus loved, so the church should love. Jesus pleased the Father in His behavior and so should the church. We are the welcome mat for the Holy Spirit first and then the uncompromising word will work Gods wonderful conversion on the human heart.

Jesus must be lifted up and the cross pointed to…  as the Apostle Paul said,”God forbid that I should glory except in the cross of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Gal. 6:14

An old poem says…..

The church and the world walked far apart on the changing shores of time;
The world was singing a giddy song and church a hymn sublime.
The church and the world walked hand in hand as pulled by the same fancy cart;
And none but the Master who knows all things, could tell the two apart.

***there are over 80 lines in that old poem that tell a story from…  the 1930’s.

– Br. Larry

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