The Year in Review


The fires and the floods raged,
The hurricanes and tornadoes engaged.
The terrorist killed and destroyed,
Kim Jung Un with threats annoyed.

Sexual predators at work paid due,
A movement began saying, “Me too!”
The controversial President was elected,
Shootings were many, killers infected.

Military continued on foreign soil,
NFL players took knee and tempers boil.
Opioid became the new drug war,
Airbags failed in many new cars.

We lost some friends to heavens gate,
The old man drags and the infant waits.
Facing the Janus, the two faced man,
With 2018 looming, we’ll do it again.

Pastor Larry Sparks






Prayers for the new year…
-Br. Larry Sparks

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Sweet Sounds on Church Grounds…

The laughter of children and their shrieking energy as they play…

The bouncing of basketballs by the youth and their “Yukking it up!” in the parking lot…

The smiling conversations in the hallway of the church building as folk share and pray over other brothers and sisters…

The piano giving melodious sounds of Christmas carols and unrehearsed voices chiming in to sing…

The sound of Fisher Price toys from the nursery and chirping echos of toddlers at play…

The whispers of huddled voices in prayers from the pews of the sanctuary…

The rustling swish of thin Bible pages turning to catch a pronounced text is a symphony of concert to the Spirits ears…

The lingering of last words as the lights go out and folk slowly move toward their cars with a, “See you Sunday morning!”, good-bye.
Some people growl and complain about everything but I hear sweet and beautiful sounds around a lively church fellowship, which I believe trumps the snarl of devilish vacancy.

What do you hear?

Love my church and the presence of life every time we meet with, “God is good!” and in response, “All the time!”.

Pastor Larry Sparks
– Br. Larry

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Ponderings on a Wednesday…

1. Don’t worry about what others think or say. They do not own you. God does and He will fight for you.

2. Just because there is a need seen does not mean the solution is you. Let the Lord work before you step in, and He will guide your decisions by genuine intercession.

3. Look at the word of God, listen to the Spirit of God, and see the Lord Jesus as confirming model of behavior.

4. Sometimes we simply shake our heads in disbelief and frustration at poor choices people make. And then we realize how often we have done the very same thing in life.

5. Learning to listen and ask the right questions may be the most difficult task in life. Compound that with sincere inward compassion and hesitant motives will give pause to our words.

6. It’s only money, and not ours either, but Gods. He trust us with it and everyday is a test to see how we give what He has given.

7. Greater is the gift of inspired faith by someone that moves us to participate than the agonizing pull to let go.

8. Others lives will change you to hardness or brokenness, depending on how you feel and act in response to their attitude.

9. Take your time. Rest when possible. Turn off the television… there are real “close by” lives that need your attention. Open the BOOK and talk to the AUTHOR. Psalm 90:10 and Eph. 5:15-16 are worth a reminding read….again.

Pastor Larry Sparks


-Br. Larry Sparks

….just my thoughts and observations of today.

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Turtle on a Fence Post…

Turtle on fence post

Alex Haley, who was the author of Roots, which became a hit mini-series as well as best selling book, had on his wall in his office a picture.

The picture was of a Turtle on top of a Fence Post.

People would stare at the picture and finally ask the obvious question; “How did a turtle get on a fence post? and Why do you have this picture in your office?” Haley, with a beaming smile, would answer the two questions and give a life lesson comment.

“Well, someone had to put the turtle on the fence post and in that lofty perch.” and then Haley would say, “I have this picture to remind me that I did not get where I am alone or by complete self effort. Other hands help me get to this high position.”

Think about it… you and I enjoy what we have because others were the hands of God to elevate us and God’s own unseen hand lifted us to what we have.

I like the picture but I love the truth.

Some will push God’s hand away when He tries to bless but He wants to give us the best possible view.

Turtle on a fence post? That indeed is me!

James 4:10 “Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up in honor.”

Pastor Larry Sparks
            Bro. Larry












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Observations and Opportunities

Pastor Larry Sparks1. People do what they want to, even if it denies what they need to do.

2. There are people who need care, people who give care and people who don’t care.

3. Some people spend their entire life in crisis and sadly, that is the normality for their world. Overwhelming pity and compassion as I feel the masses in darkness.

4. There is always a path out of the desert but you must keep walking and be certain of your direction and don’t walk alone.

5. Inconsistency leads to deeper regret than any other failure in life. We repeat the same mistakes and sins and are depressed due to those cycles of life.

6. Doing the right thing is important… and doing it for the right reason is just as important… and doing it with the righteous power gives glory to God.

7. We are a sum total of our finitude, or birth, with those genetic influences; those things in life thrust on us we cannot control and our individual choices and responses we alone make. Choices cannot be denied as priority.

8. We readily blame others for failure, covet their success, criticize others good fortunes and excuse our behavior. The life of a victim is the anemic flow of living.

9. Life here has closure but eternity does not, because its doors swing on the hinges of faith and obedience. The door is clearly marked with the Lords name and forgiveness with new life behind it. Its an invitation, not an intimidation.

“If you know that He is righteous, you know that everyone who does what is right has been born of HIM.” 1 John 2:29

-Br. Larry Sparks Prayers and love for this gift of Wednesday

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