Being Faithful

Great is Thy Faithfulness

At this early hour I am pondering the faithfulness of God to us and our being faithful to Him.

The antiquated hymn says, “Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning new mercies I see. All I have needed Thy hand hath provided, great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto me.”

I believe it is settled in this matter, our Lord loves us, will not forsake us and provides for His own.

Now, our reputation is another story, for we are creatures of mood and highly unstable in our consistency of faithfulness. Our opinions and emotions often dictate our dependability and form excuses to be a “Bo Bergdahl” and leave our post.

We must keep our eyes on Jesus, the journey with Him and His assignments inside His bride, the church.

Paul wrote to the church at Corinth telling them to be,”steadfast, immovable always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing your labor is not in vain.” 1 Cor. 15:58

A small church or mega church, a morning or evening, daily Bible reading and prayer……be faithful.

Pastor Larry Sparks




-Br. Larry

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Problems, Wonderful Problems!


As we met for annual planning with the church leadership and to evaluate and appreciate what God had already done, noticed we had some problems.

These problems were wonderful reflections of growth and new ministries. We are running about 3/4 capacity in worship but another 50-75 would start to squeeze the folk, so plans may be needed for two services before the year completes.

New Bible Studies are needed due to several classes started last year. So, again space will be required to multiply Sunday School.

The parking lot had already been expanded but we have out grown the expansion and more space is needed. Some Sundays 250 plus in worship and it seems all drive a separate car.

Good problem to solve.

God has sent teachers, singers, instrumentalist, missionaries, bus drivers and some to evangelize. Our calendar is full, so that is another wonderful problem as Youth, Children, Men, Women and Music all vie for coveted spots on the monthly map. Finances are great!

We decided one most needed area of growth was PRAYER PERSONNEL. So, each ministry of the church will furnish one person to help form a team of prayer participants to pray for these needs:

1. The staff and leadership and deacons
2. The teachers and mission leaders and outreach workers.
3. The needed space and supplied finances.
4. Unity, humility, purity, vision, patience, repentance and faith.
5. More workers, defined areas of missions, reaching the lost.
6. Prayer for missionaries and mission offerings.
7. Pray for other churches and convention leaders.
8. Prison & jail ministry, tutoring, poverty needs, drug recovery.

Of course, there is more, but by far Prayer is priority.

Pastor Larry Sparks
-Br. Larry at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church

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Walk With Me

Walk with Me

I woke unto another day,
with age an aches upon me;
The doubts and fears began,
all the gray my eyes could see.

I opened the Book to seek truth,
a light shown on my plea;
The voice I heard, my heart stirred,
“Today, come walk with Me!”

The hand reached out slowly,
my faith and spirit agree;
As I rose to move with the Master,
who bid, “Come walk with Me.”

The flesh will always worldly pull,
into sins immorality;
Yet, I have chosen to obey His voice,
and heed, “Come walk with Me!”

    -Br. Larry Sparks


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Reading Different Translations of the Bible


I have used the King James, New King James, New International Version, English Standard Version, New American Standard, New Living Translation, Amplified (though too wordy), Revised Standard and the Todays English. I have a Jerusalem Bible, a Greek Study Bible, Phillips, Living Bible Paraphrase and The Message. I have others in a quad rendering of the New Testament. I have found Jesus Christ salvation in them all and preferences for certain passages in some.

People sitting out there in the congregation will have their various favorite in their hand or on their phone. Back in June we ordained six men and recognized two other men as active Deacons. They each had a varied translation that was their favorite and that’s what we presented them with. They are all growing in their faith. They read and study their Bible each day.

The problem is not the translation but the neglect of the word of God.

Did you get that term, “THE WORD OF GOD”?

He speaks to us through this ancient old book which has been translated into thousands of languages, passed through enormous scrutiny, attacked by many and translators killed for writing it in other languages. It is the most loved and neglected book in history. It is the most quoted and misquoted of all writings. It is the foundations for most of our basic moral laws in America and yet, being changed by liberals who do not want its set perimeters.

When the Bible speaks, God speaks.

Bibles are everywhere!

The Gideons place them in all offices, military, schools that allow and hospitals. But the word is ignored. When something is ignored, people become ignorant of that truth and ignorance then is a sin.

What possible excuse could you give God for not reading and studying HIS WORD?

A Christian desires the Scripture because their Father and Lord are speaking and the Spirit is explaining. Perhaps, then, the other question?

Are you a Christian?

1 Corinthians has an interesting verse… “But people who aren’t spiritual (or don’t have the Spirit) can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them, they can’t understand them but those are spiritual (know the Lord) can understand what the Spirit means.” 1 Cor. 2: 14

Pastor Larry Sparks

-Bro. Larry


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Looking for a political savior both in the U.S. and world wide is a suggested expectation among the masses in our emerging populous.

The problems are many and the answers are complicated as they carry further creation of other issues.

The greater good and common sense are shouted down by personal preferences and desires for selfish quick fix approaches.

Sadly, only one individual owns the solutions and His help is blatantly declined and apathetically scoffed at. That person is the Lord God Almighty, the one whose name is on this creative masterpiece and his divine finger alone rest on the button of judgment.

Politics are wrapped around voted personalities who share our likeminded liberal or conservative views. They are the champion or savior we seek to validate our cause.

In the process hostilities grow, nearly a pinnacle of hate emerges and tolerance to any who disagree is dissolved. So, back to the only venue of help, politics and political leaders who seem to hold the antibiotic of social woes.

The Bible, the Lord, and the change of the human heart is still the offered prize of change. Until our inner self changes we will continue to abuse others no matter who is in the captains chair of leadership. Real answers are personal and life changing no matter the crowds opinions.

I am one squeaky little voice but I am looking to the Lord and His voice of many waters sound of, “Listen to Me”. Speak Lord your servant hears.

Pastor Larry Sparks

 -Br. Larry Sparks

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Communion Service Sunday Morning


As born again believers in the family of God and the Lords church, we are invited to His table for His memorial meal this Sunday. Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church will gather on the first Sunday of the new year to participate in the Lords Supper.

We share the bread recognizing His body and the cup remembering His shed blood on the cross. We share a close communion with our Lord and Gods people. Loving the Lord Jesus and one another is the sweet Spirit we share as one body of believers together.

Come, to His table. Wash your spiritual hands and rejoice in the salvation provided by our Savior. See you Sunday morning brothers and sisters.

Pastor Larry Sparks
   -Br. Larry

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Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church… Vision for 2018


Janus was the two faced god looking back and ahead, hence the name January.

We have looked back and counted the near 50 baptisms, mission trips to Guatemala and Houston, on going ministry in jails and prisons, new Bible Studies, Revival, ordination of six deacons, parking lot expansion, new steeple, new garage, musicals, deaths, new members, children and youth growth, Men and Women’s ministries expanded and financial blessings as all goals were reached.

Now to look ahead to 2018:

There will be another mission trip to Guatemala in February.

Revival in April with Dr. Mark Estep.

Dr. Paul Calmes will begin a Bible study on Sunday morning in Romans.

David Thomason will start a Bible study this month also with details this Sunday.

The women begin a new study on Tues Jan. 16th.

Easter musical is being planned.

Greg Ray will begin his Worship Guitar classes on Sunday, Jan 14th at 4:30.

Security Team will plan safety for the church.

Plans for a late model van.

Visitation and evangelism nights are coming.

New Men’s ministry studies.

Fellowship meal begins Jan. 13th.


Communion on Sunday morning at 11 a.m.
Fill the building both in Sunday School and Worship this Sunday!


Pastor Larry Sparks

-Br. Larry

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