At Our Fall Festival Night

BCBC Fall Festival Pics

At the Fall Festival last night I looked around the room of 300 plus people of all ethnicity, age, size, squeaky clean, redneck, tattooed and a plethora of diversity.

They smiled, waved, ate together the nachos and hotdogs and generally yukked it up.

Why? For the children who were costumed and having a blast.

We do what we do for the children. They are so beautiful, special in that frame of childhood for such a brief time.

The little ones are so very dependent. We do what we do for our Lord and them.

They are the common thread of unity in our divided society.

It was our joy as a church to welcome the community to our God provided grounds.

Thank you Sherry Sparks, Jesse Hernandez and the over 60 volunteers who made this happen. Blackburn Chapel wants love on you in Christ Jesus.

The Bethel football team will be here tomorrow evening, and yes, they are welcome too.

Virgil Savage and Jessica Hernandez, good job with the youth.

Thanksgiving meal will be on the 14th of November and we do it again.

Awesome kitchen crew!

Two funerals in three days and you served again.

Thanks. Love my church!

Pastor Larry Sparks




– Bro. Larry


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