I Wonder…

Have we gone too far away from God?
Have our hearts become too hard, selfish and prideful?
Have we put our trust in government, Hollywood and media?
Have our churches lost their identity with the world?
Have we become immoral and culturally absorbed?
Have we coined an excuse for every sinful behavior that our grandparents blushed at?
Have we compromised by fitting in rather than standing up?
Have we completely lost sight of death and judgment?
Have we ceased to hear the widows plea and the orphans cry?
Have we picked over and chosen our pet verses of the Bible but ignored His call for holiness and righteousness?
Have we ceased to genuinely pray and purified our hearts through the shed blood of Jesus Christ?
Have the old time Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal and other believers of the true doctrines of the faith gone away?

I wonder, I wonder…

-Br. Larry… praying for the Light to shine again.

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