Looking for a political savior both in the U.S. and world wide is a suggested expectation among the masses in our emerging populous.

The problems are many and the answers are complicated as they carry further creation of other issues.

The greater good and common sense are shouted down by personal preferences and desires for selfish quick fix approaches.

Sadly, only one individual owns the solutions and His help is blatantly declined and apathetically scoffed at. That person is the Lord God Almighty, the one whose name is on this creative masterpiece and his divine finger alone rest on the button of judgment.

Politics are wrapped around voted personalities who share our likeminded liberal or conservative views. They are the champion or savior we seek to validate our cause.

In the process hostilities grow, nearly a pinnacle of hate emerges and tolerance to any who disagree is dissolved. So, back to the only venue of help, politics and political leaders who seem to hold the antibiotic of social woes.

The Bible, the Lord, and the change of the human heart is still the offered prize of change. Until our inner self changes we will continue to abuse others no matter who is in the captains chair of leadership. Real answers are personal and life changing no matter the crowds opinions.

I am one squeaky little voice but I am looking to the Lord and His voice of many waters sound of, “Listen to Me”. Speak Lord your servant hears.

Pastor Larry Sparks

 -Br. Larry Sparks

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