Reading Different Translations of the Bible


I have used the King James, New King James, New International Version, English Standard Version, New American Standard, New Living Translation, Amplified (though too wordy), Revised Standard and the Todays English. I have a Jerusalem Bible, a Greek Study Bible, Phillips, Living Bible Paraphrase and The Message. I have others in a quad rendering of the New Testament. I have found Jesus Christ salvation in them all and preferences for certain passages in some.

People sitting out there in the congregation will have their various favorite in their hand or on their phone. Back in June we ordained six men and recognized two other men as active Deacons. They each had a varied translation that was their favorite and that’s what we presented them with. They are all growing in their faith. They read and study their Bible each day.

The problem is not the translation but the neglect of the word of God.

Did you get that term, “THE WORD OF GOD”?

He speaks to us through this ancient old book which has been translated into thousands of languages, passed through enormous scrutiny, attacked by many and translators killed for writing it in other languages. It is the most loved and neglected book in history. It is the most quoted and misquoted of all writings. It is the foundations for most of our basic moral laws in America and yet, being changed by liberals who do not want its set perimeters.

When the Bible speaks, God speaks.

Bibles are everywhere!

The Gideons place them in all offices, military, schools that allow and hospitals. But the word is ignored. When something is ignored, people become ignorant of that truth and ignorance then is a sin.

What possible excuse could you give God for not reading and studying HIS WORD?

A Christian desires the Scripture because their Father and Lord are speaking and the Spirit is explaining. Perhaps, then, the other question?

Are you a Christian?

1 Corinthians has an interesting verse… “But people who aren’t spiritual (or don’t have the Spirit) can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them, they can’t understand them but those are spiritual (know the Lord) can understand what the Spirit means.” 1 Cor. 2: 14

Pastor Larry Sparks

-Bro. Larry


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