Worship Leader – Russell Ramsey

Hello and God Bless!

My name is Russel Ramsey, and I’m the Worship Leader at Blackburn Chapel Baptist Church.

I have been serving at this church in this position for three years. I have been attending Blackburn for 28 years! It is truly a blessing to be here. I’m married to my lovely wife Coco Ramsey, and we have two small children, Emery and Jack, with one more on the way. My parents and grandparents also serve at the church.

My course of study and degree is in psychology. I’m currently working on my LPC while pursuing an eventual MD in psychiatry. I attended school at the University of Central Oklahoma and the University of Oklahoma.

I was saved at the young age of seven during a revival at Blackburn Chapel. Dr. Russell Cook was the speaker at this particular revival and I gave my life to the Lord on a Wednesday night. This was a monumental moment, not only because of my salvation, but that it got me plugged into the body of Christ at such a young age to where I was able to grow up in church and in the Lord.

I surrendered to serve the Lord’s church when I was thirteen years old. I’ve always had a love of and for music, but it wasn’t until I was 22 that the Lord really bloomed that love into a consuming passion.

The Lord uses music in my everyday life to grow my spirit more intimately into His, and it is through this avenue by which I’m able to stand alongside others and offer praise to our Father.

The Lord has given me a passion to lead others in worship, not because I’m qualified, but because my soul is the most open and vulnerable through music. I love the Lord, and I love people, and through music I’m able to offer praise to our Father and to help others do the same.

My ministry goals are quite simple in nature. I want the Lord to use me to bring people to Him. I want to serve others and rejoice with them in the Lord.

Music is a wonderful avenue for those with the same passion to express that love and joy to the Lord, and I want to be able to assist in that in any way I can. I would also like to use my degrees and licensing to be able to minister to people on a personal level. Through therapy, people would find that it is through Christ in which true freedom and peace can be found.

My passions follow a famous hymn, “Wherever He leads I’ll go.”

-Russ Ramsey

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